Examinations are postponed until further notice due to Covid-19 restrictions

Four VEC Examinations are held per year: January, March, June and October. The Online version of the examination in particular, can be arranged on demand (subject to specific requirements). In order to find more information about the examination dates, please visit the INTERVENG Portal.


Each VEC Examination lasts 60 minutes and comprises five parts:


Part 1 – Listening

The aim of this section is to test the candidate’s ability to comprehend exchanges in spoken English related to their professional field. They are given three statements for each dialogue and must decide which of the three is true, according to what they hear.


Part 2 – Knowledge of Linguistic Means

The Knowledge of Linguistic Means section aims to assess the candidate’s knowledge of the vocabulary they would be expected to know in their professional field.


Part 3 – Knowledge of Language Functions

This section aims to assess the candidate’s ability to understand the functional spoken English they would be expected to be familiar with in their professional field.


Part 4 – Reading

The Reading section consists of three short texts, all related to the vocational field being examined. The aim of Part 4 is to assess the candidate’s ability to deal with realistic written texts of the types they would expect to meet in their profession.


Part 5 – Writing Awareness

The Writing Awareness section aims to assess the candidate’s ability to recognize the functional writing and text types required in their field of study, and demonstrate their knowledge of the structures, elements and content to be expected in such texts, as well as their internal flow and logic. The candidates need to familiarize themselves with the various types of writing texts they will encounter or need to produce in their vocational field.


For a sample Paper Examination Download Sample Test Zip


For the Online Examination Download International Vocational English Examinations Demo


For a description of the Examination's Content and Overview Download Content and Overview Pdf