Examinations are postponed until further notice due to Covid-19 restrictions

Any candidate is eligible to register for the VEC examination for any available vocation and be awarded the Vocational English Certificate of Examination.


Candidates who enroll in one of the specifically designed Vocational English courses offered by authorized Centers for Vocational English Training (CVETs) will be eligible for the Certificate of Attendance, provided that they meet the required qualifications set by the course syllabus. These courses are specifically designed to cover the curriculum of available fields of study, effectively increasing the candidate’s chance of success in the exams. However, obtaining the Certificate of Attendance is not a pre-requisite for sitting a VEC exam.


Individual or self-study students can only register for the VEC Examination – and not the Certificate of Attendance – by signing up directly in the INTERVENG Portal, creating a candidate account and completing the registration form available online. Alternatively, they should contact their local Country Administrator and sign up through them. Successful candidates will be awarded the Certificate of Examination.