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The VEC model offers two types of certification: The Certificate of Attendance and the Certificate of Examination. In gaining these qualifications, students of vocational English will enhance their career prospects both in their home countries and abroad. Both the assessment and the examination are designed and closely monitored by EPiQ Assessment and validated by the University of Greenwich. The strict criteria adhered to by both institutions make this certificate relevant for today’s competitive global market.


The Certificate of Attendance is awarded to the learner who successfully completes two key areas of the program of study: both the completion of the full vocational English course at an authorised Center for Vocational English Training (CVET) and the development of a language portfolio in their chosen field of study. The portfolio should include: 21 quizzes, 3 general tests, 9 writing tasks and 3 speaking assignments (recorded in MP3 format) in their field of study. The Vocational English courses are specifically designed to give students the English they need to succeed in their chosen field of study, while increasing their chance of success in the exams. It should be noted, however, that obtaining the Certificate of Attendance is not a prerequisite for sitting a VEC examination.


The Certificate of Examination is awarded to candidates who are successful in the VEC examination in their chosen field, held at authorized Centers for Vocational English Examinations (CVEEs) on predetermined dates.


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