Examinations are available on demand! Contact us for details.

The first step for a candidate wishing to attain the Certificate of Examination is to register for the examination.


Although it is not mandatory to attend courses in a Center for Vocational English Training (CVET) in order to register for an examination, it is highly recommended that examination candidates attend a specialized course and complete the assessment portfolio tasks, as they are designed to complement the examination process and significantly add to the VEC learning experience. Moreover, CVET staff will assist candidates with the registration procedure.


·  During the first step of the registration process, candidates are required to submit their personal information (first name, surname, father’s full name, date of birth, etc). Please contact us for details.


·  A candidate’s registration is finalized only after the candidate has paid the registration fee. Candidates that have finalized their registration receive a Personal Examination Email, which includes the candidate’s personal information, their unique serial number, the selected vocational field, plus the date, time and the appointed Center for Vocational English Examinations (CVEE) for the upcoming examination.